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Treatment of the adiposity and BiB

Treatment of adiposity

As you may know from your own experience, reducing your body weight only by keeping to a diet is an extremely hard task. In the recent years the media have focused their attention on becoming and remaining slim. Millions of people all over the world are trying to lower and maintain their body wieght, with a variety of effects.
Overweight and adiposity are not favourable to our health. They can cause many illnesses, such as: heart and circulatory system disease, diabetes.
They can also influence mental condtition resulting in the lack of acceptation of the overweight person by himself.

The use of the gastric balloon together with proper diet and modifying eating habits can lead to a success in a difficult process of reducing body weight. It also helps to gain beneficial esthetic and health changes which are linked to reducing the body weight.

What is BIB ?

The BIB system consists of a soft balloon and a supporting tube thanks to which the balloon is put through the mouth into the stomach, and another supporting tube thanks to which the balloon is filled with physiological saline. After being set up and filled in the stomach, the balloon is too big to get into intestines so it floats freely in the stomach.

How does BIB work ?

The BIB balloon is a part of an obesity treatment programme which also consits of alimenthoterapy and the change of the eating habits. The BIB balloon partly fills the stomach causing the feeling of satiety.

How is the BIB balloon situated in the stomach ?

The BIB balloon is put through the mouth into the stomach without undertaking any surgical intervention. First, the doctor carries out the endcoscopy of the stomach. If the doctor finds no interferences he continues locating the balloon in the stomach through the mouth and gullet. The balloon is made from a soft matter and is put into the stomach in its smallest, unfilled form. The swallowing of the balloon is made easier thanks to a partial anaesthesia of the throat and a small dose of pancuronium bromide. As soon as the BIB balloon is situated in the stomach, it is being filled with physiological saline by a tube attached to a set. By gentle pulling, the doctor detaches the tube and removes it. The BIB balloon is now freely floating in the stomach.

The situating of the BIB balloon in stomach lasts about 20 – 30 minutes. After the procedure you are under the doctor's care and later you can go home.

Who can use the BIB balloon ?

The BIB balloon can be used by people whose body weight is about 40% higher than their perfect weight, and could not be reduced by any other means of treatment. The BIB balloon can be particulary useful for those who are too obese to have an operation or whose overweight may be dangerous for any surgical intervension. Thanks to the BIB balloon the risk of the operation can be significantly decreased by reducing the body weight.

How long must the balloon remain in the stomach ?

The BIB balloon can be in the stomach for six months. After this time the acid gastric contents can weaken the material from which the baloon is made and lead to its emptying. If the doctor recommends using the balloon longer than 6 months, it is necessary to change it for a new one.

The doctor can prescribe medicine to lower the secretion of gastric acids when the balloon is in the stomach. The medication lowers the risk of gastric irritation and damaging the balloon.

What may happen if the balloon empties ?

The self emptying of the baloon is noticeble. Your doctor can add some pigment to the physiological saline which will cause the change of urine colour to blue – green when the balloon will be emptying itself. The BIB balloon is small enough to go through whole alimentary system but in some cases the surgical removal from intestines was necessary. If you suspect that your baloon has emptied by itself contact your doctor immediately.

How is the BIB balloon removed ?

The balloon is removed in the same way as it is put in, through the gullet and the mouth. Before its removal the doctor will give you a small dose of pancuronium bromide and a partial anaesthesia of the throat. By the means of endoscopy he will slip the tube which will puncture and empty the balloon. Next, the doctor will remove the balloon using forceps.

What ammount of my body weight will be reduced by the BIB balloon ?

It is highly important to be aware of the fact that the BIB balloon is only a part of adiposity treatment and that applying a diet and changing eating habits is a necessity. The ammount of lost kilograms depends on your obiedience to the diet, and the period of remaining slim relies on the change of your lifestyle, especially eating habits and physical activity.
The loss of weight in the BIB programme
(Sample of published results)
  Published test   Number of
  Average loss
of bodyweight (Kg)
  Genco, Italy   151   21  
  Herve, Belgium   320   15  
  Bolwerk, the Netherlands   489   21  

Will I put on weight after removing the BIB balloon ?

As the balloon is located in the stomach it causes the feeling of satiety. It can help you to adjust to the new diet. You will have big chances to maintain the reduced body weight after removing the balloon by keeping the diet you were on whilst the balloon was in your stomach.

Can the BIB balloon cause any unpleasant feelings ?

It is highly probable that the presence of the balloon might cause nausea and vomits which can last up to a few days after situating the balloon. Your doctor can prescribe you some medicine to minimalize these unpleasant symptoms.

However, there is also a possibility of only a small reduction of your body weight, or no reduction at all. You must remember though, that your engagement in the changes applied to your diet and introduction of new, healthy eating habits is essential to the success of the whole process. The balloon can also lead to uncontrolled weight loss which is an unwanted symptom and can influence your health in an undesirable way.

Is the use of the BIB balloon risky ?

As with every medical procedure, there is a risk of some unknown or unwanted reactions arising, which can be different for every person. As with every endoscopic procedure, the damage of the lining of the alimentary tract is possible by its direct contact with the endoscope, balloon or increased production of gastric acids. The development of elcosis, pain, bleeding and perforation is possible to happen as well. These complications may result in a surgical intervention.

Fever, contractions and diarrhoea may appear if the infected liquid filling the balloon shall penetrate its layer during the removal of the balloon.

The self emptying of the balloon was described earlier. If it happens, the balloon can go through the alimentary system and leave the body. However, it might get stuck in the intestine and result in intestinal obstruction. It is a serious complication which may lead to a surgical intervention. If the intestinal obstruction is not properly treated it may lead to death. Contact your doctor immediately when you suspect self-emptying of the balloon.

Remember to contact your doctor in case of any further questions concerning the BIB balloon.

More information in PDF : make a next step life with a gastric balloon